Lighari, Sheeraz Niaz

Project title: Enhancing the Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Grid Monitoring and Control

PhD period: 2014.02.15 – 2017.02.14. (has been prolonged till 2018.02.14)
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: Intelligent Energy Systems and Active Networks 
Supervisor: Dil Muhammad Akbar Hussain
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Collaborator: Higher Education Commission Govt. of Pakistan.
Funding: University of Sindh Jamshoro Govt. of Pakistan.


The smart grid is the modern and digital version of old electric grid. It has been revolutionized by using modern techniques of information and communication technology.

One of the important features of the smart grid is self-healing. This can be achieved by continuously monitoring the health of the grid. Being an extremely complex network, smart grid poses many challenges for monitoring and control.

The wireless sensors best fit to the grid for performing cost-effective and efficient monitoring. The wireless sensor networks are widely deployed from generation to the demand of the smart grid energy system.

The wireless sensors are constrained by energy due to difficulty in replacing the batteries of sensors especially in hard to reach areas. The processors and the memory modules in wireless sensors have limited capabilities. They are also deployed in very harsh grid environments with humidity, dirt, variable temperature and air pressure conditions. Hence, the wireless sensor networks installed in such atmospheres may face various issues like energy efficiency, reliability, quality of service and timely communication of the data.

In our investigation we will propose the solutions which improve the efficiency of the wireless sensor networks in the smart grid environment. The proposed work will increase the efficiency in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, quality of service and delay reduction. The proposed solutions for smart grid monitoring and control will be tested using simulated data.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.