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Bram, Mads Valentin

Bram, Mads Valentin

Project title: Grey-Box Modeling and Plant-Wide Control in Water Treatment for Offshore Oil & Gas Production 

PhD period: 2017.09.01 – 2020.08.31.
Section: Esbjerg Energy Section
Research Programme: Offshore Energy Systems
Supervisor: Zhenyu Yang
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Collaborators: DTU-DHRTC.
Funding: DHRTC. 


The increasing water cut from offshore production wells render optimization of the deoiling process and injection water treatment vital for continuous offshore oil & gas production. Optimizing the performance of these technologies is essential for both environmental and economic efficient long term production. While involving complicated fluid dynamics, the deoiling technologies such as hydrocyclones and membrane filtration may be improved by exploiting the freedom within the system which may be found by means of analyzing the internal dynamics in a grey-box manner. This work will establishment and concern control-oriented grey-box models of deoiling hydrocyclones and membrane filtration systems. This project aims to optimize the separation processes to reduce the environmental impact from offshore oil & gas production.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.