Ebrahimzadeh, Esmaeil

PROJECT TITLE: Harmonic Stability in Power Electronics Based Power Systems 

PhD period: 2015.06.01 – 2018.05.31.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programmes: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics and Modern Power Transmission Systems
Supervisor: Frede Blaabjerg 
Co-Supervisor: Claus Leth Bak
Contact Information

Collaborator: Vestas. 
Funding: European Research Council Advanced Grant.


Nowadays, the proportion of the power electronics converters is increasing in the electric power systems because of the significant use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as renewable energy sources, HVDC, FACTS, and variable-speed drivers. Beside the advantages, power electronics based power systems bring also new challenges.  In a grid-connected converter, a low-pass filter is needed to attenuate the switching harmonics but such filters may cause the stability problems because of resonance between the filter elements. On the other hand, as the power grid is non ideal in practice and presents a significant amount of impedance at the PCC, the mutual interaction between the control loops of the grid-connected converters may lead to the harmonics resonances under grid impedance variations.

The objective of this project is to identify and demonstrate harmonic stability problems, harmonic identification algorithms and also test new concepts for harmonic mitigation in the power electronics based power system.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN