Situ, Wenfu

PROJECT TITLE: Heat Transfer Optimization for Multiphase Flow in Microscale Thermal Management System

PhD period: 2017.11.01 - 2020.10.31.
Section: Thermal Energy Systems
Research Programme: Battery Storage Systems
Supervisor: Søren Knudsen Kær
Co-Supervisor: Henrik Sørensen 
Contact information

Collaborator: Chinese Scholarship Council.
Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council.


This PhD project is an ambitious project, the main goal of which is to design advanced thermal management system based on the coupling of microchannel and other similar designs, such as magnetic refrigeration, and further develop a full-scale thermal model based on the actual size of the battery module utilized this thermal management system. Furthermore, this technology will be tried to bring into practice and its awareness will be widely invoked in industry, which is the final goal of this project. A method of synchronized flow-visualization will be used to investigate transient heat transfer in microscale designs. Predictive models will be further formulated to investigate various heat transfer mechanisms in microscale.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.