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Terriche, Yacine

Terriche, Yacine

PROJECT TITLE: Improving Power Quality Issues of Shipboard Microgrids

PhD period: 2017.11.01 – 2020.10.31.
Section: Power Electronic Systems 
Research Programmes: Microgrids
Supervisor: Josep Guerrero
Co-Supervisor: Juan Carlos Vasquez 
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Collaborator: To be announced later.
Funding: Self-financing.


Harmonic contamination has been always a vital subject in electrical power systems. It is inoffensive as long as its level is not important. However, with the recent rapid increase in the installation and use of power electronic equipment, mainly the nonlinear loads, such as such AC and DC variable speed drives, used for main propulsion, thrusters and other duties, harmonics are increasingly finding their way into shipboard or offshore applications.

Harmonics generated by these nonlinear loads can be a potential risk if they are not well studied and mitigated, as they can also affect the voltage supplies via the main impedance, and thereby cause malfunctions and fail of other linear loads. Other power quality problems, such as, voltage dips, frequency variation, unbalance and poor power factor are an important concern to the marine safety aspects and in addition, to any adverse effects on the reliability of the majority of marine or shipboard power systems.

In this PhD project, the above mentioned power quality issues of shipboard power system will be studied. Some developed analyzing techniques such: Least square solution, DFT, Matrix pencil method, active and reactive power theory, synchronous reference frame and other standard techniques will be investigated. Some propositional solutions such as passive power filters (PPFs), active power filters (PPFs), hybrid active filters, combined APFS, and static VAR compensators (SVC) will be assessed to improve the power quality of the shipboard power systems, taking into account the high efficiency and the low cost.  



Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.