Baizura Binti Ahamad, Nor

PROJECT TITLE: Integration of Microgrid Technologies in Future Seaports   

PhD period: 2016.09.15 – 2019.09.14.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: Microgrids
Supervisor: Josep M. Guerrero 
Co-Supervisors: Juan Carlos Vasquez and Zhaoxia Xiao, Tianjin Polytechnic University
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Funding: Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Scholarship and Universiti Malaysia Perlis.


Port is an extremely busy place with daily activities which also contribute to the key growth in the economy sectors. In the rapid development of import and export sector, the port requires efficient management system in all aspects, as well as to comply with rules set by the authorities. In terms of environmental pollution, there are some guidelines set by the authorities to be met such as International Maritime Organization (IMO). Thus, a significant research has been done in seaports area to enhance the conventional seaports toward “Green Port”.

Based on this, this research will be focused on the integration of Microgrid technologies in the future seaport. The future electrical system in seaport can benefit from research framework in the microgrid. The shipboard power system is currently toward the all-electrical-ship (AES). Thus, the technology in seaport must be in line with the technology that has been developed for the shipboard power system for the compatibility purpose in both.

In order to enhance the air quality surrounding the seaport area, one of the concepts that been implement is an engine of the ship to be shut down completely when it is getting closer to berth and port. The cold ironing concept has been implemented in order to supply the power to the ship without altering the ship's machinery or activity. However, this concept is still limited and needs more research to enhance the reliability to be commercialized. This research will develop and enhance the efficiency of the electrical power system at the seaport with implementing the microgrid research framework. The simulation work will be implemented in Matlab/Simulink environment to observe and evaluate the performance of the develop system.



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