Wu, Qian

Project title: Machine with Intelligent Structures high Servo-Performance based on Moulding Technologies 

PhD period: 2014.10.01 – 2017.09.30.
Section: Electrical Machines
Research Programme: E-Mobility and Industrial Drives
Supervisor: Kaiyuan Lu
Co-Supervisor: Peter Omand Rasmussen
Contact information

Collaborator: Grundfos Management A/S.
Funding: Grundfos Management A/S.


The industry worldwide accounts for more than 40% of the world’s consumption of electric energy, and two thirds of this are consumed by electrical machines. Increasing the efficiency of the electrical machines will therefore have a significant impact on energy savings. Among many different types of electrical machines, the permanent magnet (PM) machines, synchronous reluctance (SyncRel) machines, and PM-assisted SyncRel machines exhibit high efficiency and are of interest for this project.

The main differences of these machines lie in the rotor structure. Selection of a proper rotor structure and its optimum design not only rely on its electromagnetic performance, but also is closely affected by how the rotor may be manufactured. There are many issues are still unclear and need a great effort to have a close study on the machine electromagnetic performances together with the electrical machine manufacturing processes.

This project aims to design high performance electrical machines, considering electrical machine production processes and rotor structure selection and optimization, for various heating, ventilation, air condition applications.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.