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Wu, Linlin

Wu, Linlin

PROJECT TITLE: Micro-actuator Applied in Biomedical Devices

PhD period: 2018.01.01 – 2019.12.31. (has been prolonged till 2020.06.30)

Section: Electrical Machines
Research Programmes: E-Mobility and Industrial Drives and Low Power Energy Harvesting and i-Solutions
Supervisor: Kaiyuan Lu
Co-supervisor: Yongming Xia
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Funding: Department of Energy Technology, AAU.


To diagnose GI tract diseases, wireless capsule endoscope (WCE) has become a promising method. The main further development challenge for the WCE technology rises from its passive movement nature depending on gastrointestinal peristalsis. It is also difficult in knowing the exact location of detected lesions since the bowel looks fairly similar throughout its considerable length. This project studies new vibration-based actuation mechanism for active in-vivo capsule applications.  Compared to the traditional WCE, a new actuation system is needed for accurate forward and backward movement and precise stopping control of the capsule, for meeting different real-time control demands for clinical applications. A capsule actuation system with strong manipulation abilities has also the potential to realize more therapeutic functions, such as biopsy tissues, unclogging lumen, coagulating, ablating, and apposing tissue.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.