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Shen, Yecheng

PROJECT TITLE: Micro Electromagnetic Devices for Body Energy Harvesting 

PhD period: 2016.11.01 – 2019.10.31.
Section: Electrical Machines
Research Programme: Low Power Energy Harvesting and i-Solutions
Supervisor: Kaiyuan Lu
Co-Supervisor: Yongming Xia
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Funding: Self-financing.


Significant growth has been observed in the field of self-powering wireless devices for supplying the power to artificial organs, body implantable and wearable sensors. The existing solutions today mainly rely on batteries to supply the power. The limited lifetime of the battery and the need of surgery for battery replacement are the main problems. There are many body energy harvesters used to help charge the battery and then greatly prolong the lifetime of the battery. Compared to other type of micro energy harvesters, the magnetic induction conversion mechanism for transferring body mechanical energy into useful electrical energy can fit well the output power and working bandwidth requirements.

The focuses of this project will be on the design of micro electromagnetic devices that can converter body energy into electrical energy; various structures will be studied, optimized and tested; systematic design methods will be provided and validated.             

Specific Aims and Objectives:

  • To scale down a design of existing permanent magnet generator into the milliwatt range; perform Finite Element Analysis for providing reference key performances vs. size characteristics;
  • Investigate energy harvesters utilizing magnetic levitation-based principles;
  • Perform design optimizations; seek improved structures balancing mechanical structure construction feasibility and electromagnetic performances;
  • Manufacture prototypes for design validations; provide reliable and efficient design methods.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.