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Shakerighadi, Bahram

Shakerighadi, Bahram

PROJECT TITLE: Modelling and Control of Large-Signal Stability in Power Electronic-based Power Systems

PhD period: 2018.05.01 – 2020.12.01.
Section: Power Electronic Systems 
Research Programmes: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics
Supervisor: Frede Blaabjerg
Co-Supervisors: Claus Leth Bak and Esmaeil Ebrahimzadeh
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Funding: Self-funding.


Nowadays, by increasing the penetration of Power Electronic-based (PE-based) energy sources into power systems, the control and stability scheme of the electrical systems are totally changed. Generally, energy sources are connected to the main grid by some PE-based energy converters, called Voltage-Sourced Converters (VSCs). The VSC may change the frequency and voltage level, in addition to controlling the active and reactive power. By involving PE-based energy sources into power systems, new challenges are introduced regarding its stability and control.

In this project, first of all, a large-signal model of PE-based power systems may be introduced. Then, based on the proposed model, a control scheme may be developed in order to mitigate damage caused by the disturbance. To do so, the application of the proposed model may be tested in different system conditions, like when the main system does not act as an infinite bus (weak grid), and when the system is subjected to an unbalanced fault. In order to improve the transient and frequency stability under weak grid conditions, the idea of Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) has been proposed in several publications in the past few years, where power electronic converters is simulated like traditional synchronous machines. In this project, large signal stability of such power converters will be studied.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.