Lin, Hengwei

Project title: Monitoring, Management and Protection for Microgrids

PhD period: 2013.12.01 – 2016.11.30.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: Microgrids
Supervisor: Josep M. Guerrero
Co-Supervisors: Juan Carlos Vasquez & Chengxi Liu,
Contact information

Collaborator: Yanshan University.
Funding: China Scholarship Council and scholarship from the Dept. of Energy Technology, AAU.


In a microgrid, one of the most important elements is its configuration architecture which encompasses installed capacity, devices location, interaction with the main grid, and system control and management strategies. Security and stability of the whole system require a global communications to provide information for management and monitoring protection system. Depending on the geographical location of each microgrid, different communication systems and technologies can be used. Central communication is more effective for a small scale microgrids or clusters, since it can collect information from the basic level of the microgrid. However, it is overwhelmed for a large scale communication systems. 

In this project wireless and wired communications will be explored and/or combined to achieve higher security and stability performances of the microgrid. Remote terminal units will be considered and emulated in the microgrid system in which bidirectional power flows will be a challenging issue. Microgrid power dispatching also will be explored, which will deal with the demand response. Management and monitoring and protection system will be linked to a decision maker to balance for risk, power dispatch, early warnings, fault diagnosis, and demand response, among others.

Backup and redundancy will be considered in the system, since this part is mainly responsible for the stability and security and demand response. Plug-and-play functionalities will be the main feature of microgrids and how to utilize this feature to deal with these problems.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.