Shen, Yanfeng

PROJECT TITLE: Multi-Objective Life-Cycle Performance Optimization of PV Inverters 

PhD period: 2015.11.15 – 2018.11.14.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programme: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics
Supervisor: Frede Blaabjerg
Co-Supervisor: Huai Wang 
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Funding: China Scholarship Council and the Department of Energy Technology, AAU.


Optimized life-cycle performance is usually the ultimate goal of industry products design, manufacture and operation. However, state-of-the-art optimization methods applied in the area of power electronics focus on time-zero performance, without considering the variations of key parameters along with the whole life-cycle of power electronics systems. The deficiency in life-cycle performance is urgent to be covered, especially for the power electronics converters employed in renewable energy systems which are exposed in tough environment, and are reliability and cost sensitive.

This PhD research project will take advantage of the solid research outcomes from the Center of Reliable Power Electronics (CORPE), Aalborg University, consider the real field mission profile where the PV inverter system will operate, and take efficiency, reliability, and cost into account, to achieve a multi-objective life-cycle performance optimization of PV inverters.

The specific objectives of this project are 1) to develop mission profile based control methods to improve the reliability of PV inverters; 2) to develop an optimal design method which can maximize the lifetime and life-cycle efficiency of PV inverters; 3) to further improve the design method such that the cost of energy of PV inverters can be minimized.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.