Wu, Jiahui

PhD student Jiahui Wu

PROJECT TITLE: Reconfigurable and Compact DC/DC Converter for Future Energy System

PhD period: 2020.04.01 – 2023.03.31.
Section: Power Electronics Systems
Research Programme: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics
Supervisor: Zhe Chen
Co-Supervisor: Yanbo Wang, Dong Liu
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Funding: Self-financing


With the maturity of application technology and the reduction of cost, distributed new energy generation with energy storage system accounts for more and more proportion in the future energy system, such as wind power and photovoltaic power. In addition, vehicle-to-grid technology has been presented as an opportunity to optimize the grid utilization. Considering that energy storage systems, photovoltaic energy, and electrical vehicles operate in dc, the electricity network is following a trend of moving towards dc distribution in the form of multiple micro-grids in the future energy system.

Between the multiple micro-grids with different voltage levels, DC/DC converter as a key component will be applied to transfer energy and adjust voltage levels. Among various power converter topologies implemented as DC/DC converter, the reconfigurable and compact DC/DC converter is becoming an attractive choice thanks to its merits including the wide range of voltage gain, lower voltage and current stress, wide load range of soft switching, and high power density.

Accordingly, this project aims to design reconfigurable and compact DC/DC converters including the topologies, control strategies, and key circuit parameter optimization. The outcomes of the project can serve as an optimal design and operation reference of high-performance DC/DC converters for the future energy system.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.