Hu, Rui

PROJECT TITLE: Reseach on Power System Stability with High Wind Power Integration

PhD period: 2014.12.01 – 2017.11.30. (has been prolonged till 2018.04.30)
Section: Electric Power Systems
Research Programme: Wind Power Systems
Supervisor: Zhe Chen
Co-Supervisor: Weihao Hu
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Collaborator: China Scholarship Council.
Funding: China Scholarship Council.


As one of the most matured renewable energy technologies, wind power generation is facing with a great developing opportunity when the global environment is concerned. Howerever, wind farms usually have siginificat impacts on the connected power systems. Besides, highly efficient power electronics devices are widely used in wind power systems. Such large scale expansion of power electronics interfaced renewable units will change the characteristics of the power system fundamentally which may result in risk of instability in the future power systems if the presently used conventional analysis, operation and control methods would not be appropriately updated. Therefore, it will be practically meaningful to study the impacts of different kinds of wind turbines on power system stability and to appropriately handle the challenges in order to provide reliable and secured power supply for accommodating the increased renewable energy share. The PhD project aims to propose innovative approaches for stability improvement in power systems with high wind power integration through finding out coordination control methods which can restrain the negative influences of wind turbines and power electronic devices.


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