Yang, Feng

PROJECT TITLE: Small DC-link Permanent Magnet Machine Sensorless Drives

PhD period: 2014.07.01 – 2017.06.30. (has been prolonged till 2017.12.30.)
Section: Electrical Machines
Research Programme: E-Mobility and Industrial Drives
Supervisor: Frede Blaabjerg
Co-Supervisors: Xiongfei Wang and Pooya Davari 
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Funding: Department of Energy Technology. 


The aim of this project is to develop robust, sensorless controlled, small dc-link electrical drive for permanent magnet machines.

To obtain a more reliable and compact drive, there is an increasing trend to replace the electrolytic capacitor with film capacitor, which has a longer lifetime, no explosion risks but with less capacitance per volume. Using small film capacitors to replace electrolytic capacitors, the drive is performed as small dc-link system, which has potential stabilization issues.

Until now, most of the research work is focused on small dc-link drives controlling Induction Machines (IM). Compared to IM, the Permanent Magnet (PM) machine has much better performance but the drive performance is more dependent on the control, especially for sensorless controlled PM machines. Therefore, in this project, the drive performance, stability issues for PM machine drives will be studied in detail. Feasible solutions will be found to satisfy between the stabilization issue and high control performances.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.