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Asadi, Amin

Asadi, Amin

PROJECT TITLE: Temperature Management of Power Electronic Devices utilizing Thermoelectric Modules and Nanofluids

PhD period: 2017.02.01 – 2020.01.31.
Section: Fluid Mechanics and Combustion 
Research Programme: Multiphase Flows and Heat Transfer 
Supervisor: Lasse Rosendahl
Co-Supervisor: Thomas Condra
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Funding: Self-funding.


Undoubtedly, one of the best solutions, in order to make an improvement in efficiency and energy saving in every system, is to recycle the waste heat generated through a process.

In the present Ph.D. project, the focus will be both on experimental and numerical study on waste heat recovery and heat dissipation utilizing thermoelectric modules and nanofluids in various applications. To do this, a hybrid system consisting of a heat exchanger, thermoelectric modules, and a heat sink will be design and fabricate and test under real operating conditions. The thermodynamics and mathematical modeling on the performance of the system under different working conditions will be applied. Moreover, using a FEM software (preferably FLUENT or ANSYS), the fluid flow inside the heat exchanger will be simulated and also the dimensions of the channels inside the heat exchanger will be optimized. The heat sink, in which the thermoelectric modules mounted, will be optimized in order to drive the optimal dimensions of the heat sink’s fins. Furthermore, the number of needed thermoelectric modules in order to achieve the maximum power output and efficiency of the system will be calculated.


Publications in journals and conference papers can be found at VBN.