Mahmoudi Nezhad, Sajjad

PROJECT TITLE: Thermal Management of Thermoelectric Generators  

PhD period: 2016.01.01 - 2018.12.31.
Section: Fluid Mechanics and Combustion
Research Programme: Low Power Energy Harvesting and i-Solutions
Supervisor: Lasse Rosendahl
Co-Supervisor: Alireza Rezaniakolaei
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Funding: Self-funding.


Not only properties of thermoelectric materials, but also design of TEG module components and its heat source and heat sink has critical effect on performance of thermoelectric systems. This PhD project aims at developing thermal management of thermoelectric generators (TEG) in system level. Optimal design of TEG device based on variation of practical thermal the boundary conditions (BC) will be explored in this project. Depending on the BC variables, unique design of thermoelectric module, heat sink and heat source will be considered to maximizing thermoelectric net power. By applying a multi-physics approach with associating convective heat transfer and thermoelectric effects, the basic layout of the thermal management of efficient TEG system will be established by a system design strategy based on analytical models, computational simulations, and experimental investigations.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.