PhD projects published in the period 2020-2029


Liu, Bochen:
A Universal and Optimized Robust EV Charger.

Terriche, Yacine:
Improving Power Quality Issues of Shipboard MICROGRIDs.

Zhou, Weihua:
Stability Assessment and Control of Power Electronic-Dominated Power System with Underground Cable and Reactive Power Compensation Devices.

Yousefi, Mojtaba:
Stochastic Energy Management in Smart Home with Integration of PV/Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Battery Storage.

Yuan, Jing:
Efficient and Cost-Effective Impedance Source Converters for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems.

Shakerighadi, Bahram:
Modelling and Control of Large-Signal Stability in Power Electronic-based Power Systems. 

Ashouri, Mani:
Protection of Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Transmission Lines

Xiyan Li:
CFD Modeling of Biomass Thermo-chemical Conversion and its Experimental Study

Petersen, Lennart:
Proof-of-Concept on Next Generation Hybrid Power Plant Control.

Wu, Linlin:
Micro-actuator Applied in Biomedical Devices.

Graungaard Taul, Mads:
Modeling of Multi-Converters under Grid Fault Conditions.

Conti, Federica:
Valorization of Waste Fractions through HydroThermal Liquefaction. Conversion of Plastics, Lignocellulosic Materials, and Organic Residues into Biocrude and Recovery of Valuable Products

Wu, Heng:
Small-Signal and Transient Stability Analysis of Voltage-Source Converters

Stroe, Rodica-Elisabeta:
Photocatalytic Degradation of Plant-generated Ethylene over Titanium Dioxide Thin Films: Kinetic Modelling and Photoreactor Design.

Shen, Zhan:
Multiphysics Modeling and Reliability of Magnetic Components in Power Electronics Applications

Yi Zhang:
Mission Profile-based System-Level Lifetime Prediction of Modular Multilevel Converters.

Novak, Mateja:
Model Predictive Control of Multilevel Power Electronic Converters: Design, Optimization and Performance Evaluation.

Bender, Niels Christian:
A Design & Optimization Framework for Valves in Digital Displacement Units.

Casaretto, René:
Modelling of Efficiencies in Biogas Plants with Consideration of Incomplete Mass and Energy Balances based on Calorimetric Investigations and Data Sampling - Developing a new Management Tool System.