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Research Activities by Advanced Biofuels

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD Projects

Selected Completed Student Projects

  • Biomass HTL for liquid fuels production - Effect of biomass processing and biomass composition on process performances (Iulia Daraban, TEPE Master Thesis, 2014)
  • Upgrading process design for biocrudes (Claus Uhrenholt Jensen, Kristine Møllenbach Rasmussen, TEPE Master Thesis, 2014)
  • Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Black Liquor - Process Modelling and Optimisation by Heat- and Process Integration (Anna Lyhne Jensen, Claus Uhrenholt Jensen, Iulia Daraban, Kristine Møllenbach Rasmussen, Simon Sand Nielsen, TEPE 2nd semester, 2013)
  • Hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin-based feedstocks (Ionela Grigoras, HyTEC 3rd semester, 2012)

Laboratory Facilities

The advanced biofuels lab facilities include a range of modern and versatile equipment for

  • analysis and characterization of biomasses and organic materials for processing
  • analysis and characterization of bio-crude, transport grade bio-fuels and solid bio-fuels
  • pretreatment of biomass for conversion
  • production of bio-crude, liquid bio-fuels and biogas through thermochemical and biochemical conversion
  • end use, such as combustion for CHP or fuels for transport (Diesel, jet)

Bio Fuel Laboratory