Battery Storage Systems

Batteries have developed as a key technology for various applications such as e-mobility, smart grids, and renewables’ grid integration. This has become possible because of their high performance and scalability easiness combined with a continuous improvement of their cost-competitiveness. Thus, at the end of 2016, more than 2 million electric vehicles were driven around the world, while the grid-connected Lithium-ion battery storage capacity has increased five times over the past four years. However, batteries are highly non-linear energy storage devices and thus their performance and lifetime behavior has to be known in order to fully benefit from their superior characteristics in comparison to other storage technologies.

In the “Battery Storage Systems” research programme research is conducted at both cell and system level, by carrying out activities in different topics from battery electrical and thermal characterization, to battery lifetime modeling and battery management systems testing and evaluation. Most of the research is based on the results obtained from our state-of-the-art Battery Systems Test Laboratory.

The research group is devoted to the education of highly qualified undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhDs in various battery-related topics through student projects, MSc and PhD/Industrial courses.

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Contact Information

Programme leader

Associate Professor Daniel-Ioan Stroe
Direct phone: +45 9940 3327

Vice Programme Leader

Associate Professor Erik Schaltz
Direct phone: + 45 9240 3302

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