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Biogas and Biorefinering

Ongoing Green Gas research projects. Biogas has been and will be, with increasing force, one of the backbones of the Danish Renewable energy sources. The biogas sector is at the same time under pressure to find innovative solutions to be cost efficient in competition with wind- and solar systems. Biogas and N-gas is storable energy in the N-gas grid and facilities. Biogas is extremely useful overall for society by solving environmental, hygienic, climate and food security solutions. The mutual benefits and problems have to be researched, demonstrated and documented ongoing.

Biorefineries are the integration of bioprocessing of mutual kinds. The base load often integrate with energy production as biogas or biofuels. Main- or byproducts upstream or downstream are of medium or high values. This focus is not only in research, but a very important issue to target in the biorefinery concepts for future development. The research in biorefining is advanced microbiology and biochemistry, extremely cross-disciplinary and the outcome will solve many of the societies needs in a fossil-free future. 

About the programme

In the Biogas and Biorefinering research programme, biogas and biorefinery research is carried out to develop novel integrated solutions for the production of bioenergy, biofuels, and bio-chemicals. Research that focuses on development and design of low temperature chemical and biotechnological processes for production of liquid biofuels and biochemicals using sustainable biorefinery concepts. Starting from chemical characterization of the biomass or organic waste using analytical techniques such as HPLC and GC the aim is to:

1) convert a given biomass from the society (for example algae and municipal solid waste) into fermentable sugars by physical/chemical/enzymatic/biological processes,

2) convert the produced sugars into biofuels and/or biochemcials by microbial fermentation with the lowest possible energy penalty, and finally

3) design processes for easy and feasible downstream processing.

Furthermore, we are working on extracting and identifying high value products e.g. pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals for co-production of bioenergy and biochemical to enhance the economic feasibility of bioenergy processes. The different solutions are evaluated for their sustainability of the technological innovations in future societies for this we are using modeling tools such as Super Pro Designer.

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  • INBIOM biomass network, small project. ”Bioaktive planteindholdstoffer i lucerne, kløver og græsser (rajgræs)”, Mette Lybeck, AAU-Department of Chemistry and BioScience, AC Meyers Vænge, KBH SV, Mette Hedegaard thomsen, AAU-Department of Energy, Esbjerg.

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Programme leader

Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Esbjerg Energy Section
Department of Energy Technology,
Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering
Phone: +45 21 66 25 11
E-mail:  jhn@et.aau.dk 

Vice programme leader

Mette Hedegaard Thomsen,
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. Applied Microbiology
Associate Professor, Department of Energy Technology
Phone: +45 93562196
E-mail: mht@et.aau.dk

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