Mission and Focus Areas of Biomass


The mission of the biomass research programme is to develop innovative and energy efficient thermochemical conversion processes for biomass feedstocks producing high grade bio-fuel products. In near and long term perspective biomass will become key as a source for renewable fuels and intermediates for carbon containing products. The biomass research programme is dedicated to adding value and sustainability to a wide range of products and to provide a viable route to large scale, sustainable production of bio-fuels. 

Research is conducted to the highest international level in process development and design, optimization and integration, product upgrading and end use applications. Main mission is the development of drop-in biofuels, from process to end use application with focus on applicability to the existing hydrocarbon infrastructure.

The biomass research programme offers an excellent, exclusive and highly motivating student environment with high grade laboratory facilities and supervision. Students have the unique possibility of contributing and implementing and to follow their own ideas supported by application oriented and up-to-date project work.

Focus Areas

  • Development of advanced modeling and analysis tools for thermochemical conversion of biomass, including liquefaction, combustion, oxy-fuel conditions etc.
  • Development of advanced thermochemical conversion and upgrading processes for a wide range of biomass feedstocks, including agro-industrial waste streams, blue biomass, etc, and a wide range of products and end use applications
  • Process integration and conceptual development of bio-refineries, interfacing with biological/biochemical processes where appropriate
  • State-of-the-art experimental facilities to test and analyse processes and to generate validation data.

Vacancies within Biomass

If any, please find the vacancies here: Vacancies at Aalborg University

Collaboration Partners

  • NIRAS (DK)
  • Babcock&Wilcox Vølund (DK)
  • Andritz (DK)
  • Brancheforeningen for Biogas (DK)
  • FHF (DE)
  • Zhejiang University (CN)
  • Brigham Young University (USA)
  • South Dakota State University (USA)
  • National Academy of Science of Ukraine (UKR)
  • Zhejiang University (CN)
  • Tianjin University (CN)
  • NTNU (N)
  • Agder University (N)
  • Århus University (DK)
  • Paul Scherrer Institute PSI (CH)
  • CanMet ENERGY (CA)

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for sustainable bio-fuels

  • Steeper Energy
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Shell Denmark
  • Scandinavian Airlines SAS
  • Port of Frederikshavn
  • Port of Aalborg
  • Stena Line
  • SCANIA Danmark
  • Vestas Aircoil