Mission and Focus Areas of E-Mobility and Industrial Drives


The mission of the research programme in E-Mobility and Industrial Drives is to develop advanced and innovative components, machines, products, tools or methods in the fields of electro-mobility and industrial drives.

We have a strong industrial focus and work together with leading companies and research institutions within the areas in order to reduce cost and to improve the efficiency, compactness, usability, etc. of various applications.

We strive to conduct research at highest international level within e-mobility and industrial drives. Therefore, we have the following goals

  • To have world class laboratories for research and education
  • To be an attractive partner for national and international universities, companies and organizations
  • To attract students, researchers and guests of highest international level

Focus Areas

The research carried out in the E-Mobility and Industrial Drives research programme is highly multidisciplinary. We include the latest technologies within magnetic materials, semiconductor devices, batteries, computation platforms, etc. in order to develope innovative products and solutions. More specific, we have the following focus areas:

Power electronic converters

Power electronic converters are a key component for motor control and intelligent energy management. We built power converters for various applications, e.g. electric machines, battery charging, fuel cells, wireless inductive power transfer, etc. Depending on the application, the converters have different features, e.g. high gain, bi-directional, DC/DC or DC/AC conversion, etc.

Electric machines

Electric machines are the workhorses of industrial processes and future hybrid and electric cars. We design, built and test many different kind of machines, e.g. low cost reluctance machines or high performance and high efficient permanent magnet machines. Applications includes traction motors for electric vehicles, magnetic gears for efficient and robust mechanical power conversion, linear actuators for energy harvesting or vibration dampening, etc.

Applied control theory

Applied control theory is a necessity in order to bring the system into operation. By applying special modulation strategies, the loss and component size of the power inverters can be reduced and the harmonics can be mitigated. We work with both low cost microprocessors, DSPs and FPGAs, and flexible high performance development systems like dSpace-computers for real time computation and prototyping.

System integration

System integration is a key competence to reduce the total cost and volume and to increase the performance. A proper energy management strategy is necessary in order to comply with the constraints of each component and to obtain a high system efficiency.

Prototype development

Prototype development and laboratory tests is an absolute must for our work. In the initial phase of a project, we often design and develop the ideas and methods by performing simulations using state-of-the-art software tools for electric circuits, magnetic systems, etc. The developed theory and simulation models are afterwards verified in the laboratory by building a prototype of a power electronic, converter, electric machines, etc.


Vacancies within E-Mobility and Industrial Drives

If any, please find the vacancies here: Vacancies at Aalborg University

Industrial Partners

The research programme collaborates with national and international research groups, institutions in academia as well as industry to achieve the best possible foundation for strategic decisions on research initiatives and to provide students and scholars with a good foundation for conducting leading edge research. The industrial partners are:

  • Banke Accessory Drives
  • ECOmove
  • Eltronic Solution
  • DACS
  • Danfoss
  • Dansk Energi
  • FJ-Sintermetal
  • Future Electric
  • General Motors
  • Grundfos
  • Johnson Controls
  • KK Wind Solutions
  • Lithium Balance
  • Lodam
  • NEAS Energy
  • Meldgaard Miljø
  • Serenergy
  • Sintex