Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics

70% of all electrical energy is processed by power electronics. The challenge is to develop the future generation of power electronic converters, which are benchmarked to high efficiency, higher power density, low weight, low cost and at the same time focusing on the reliability in the power converters.

The applications are very wide as power electronic is used in production, transmission and consumption of energy in photovoltaics, wind turbines, refrigerators, pumps, computers, televisions or the like. The power range of application is from W to MW.

The group designs power electronics equipment with attention to apply the proper technology and control. New, innovative converter topologies are developed and new land marks of digital signal computing are embedded in the converters. The newest device technologies are used and they include the latest generation of IGBTs and MosFets and experience with SiC-based devices. The programme provides tools for optimisation of efficiency and reliability as well as prototyping of the converters towards industrial application.

The programme also addresses better understanding of how reliability of power electronic devices and systems is influenced by different stress factors such as temperature, overvoltage, current, overload and environment. Furthermore, the group develops prognostic tools in the power electronic converter for predictive maintenance.

Article about the research within Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics at Aalborg University.

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Contact Information

Programme leader

Professor Francesco Iannuzzo
Direct phone: +45 9940 3314
E-mail: fia@et.aau.dk

Vice Programme Leader

Professor Huai Wang
Direct phone: +45 9940 3816
E-mail: hwa@et.aau.dk
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