The Electro-Fuels research programme focuses on the production of fuels and chemicals from electrolytic hydrogen and CO2. The activities cover the entire value chain from the sourcing and capture of CO2 from biogenic or industrial processes over electrolytic hydrogen production or co-electrolysis to the final fuel synthesis. The energy storage and grid balancing capabilities of the systems are central aspects of the research. The group emphasize a strong combination of experimental and theoretical work. The research often takes a holistic approach starting at the system level where the final applications set the technical targets. Through the detailed design and analysis phases, this propagates down to the component level.

The research group is devoted to the education of highly qualified Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhDs in the above areas. International students with an interest in the research area are invited to join the international master programmes under the Energy studies. The group also welcomes guest students with an interest in working with electrolyzers, fuel synthesis and the related energy systems.  

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Associate Professor Mads Pagh Nielsen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9259
E-mail: mpn@et.aau.dk

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