Mission and Focus Areas of Electro-Fuels


The mission of the Electro-Fuels research programme is to support the development of sustainable transport fuels and chemicals based on renewable electricity and CO2. Key technologies covered by the programme include electrolyzers, catalytic reactors for synthesizing fuels and chemicals as well as technologies to capture CO2 from biogenic and industrial processes. The scientific focus is on experimental and theoretical investigations of components and completed integrated systems including control and diagnostics of the processes. It is also our aim to foster new innovative solutions based on these technologies bridging the fields of energy storage, electricity grid balancing, transport fuel production, circular economy and industrial symbiosis.

Focus Areas

  • Development of novel concepts for energy storage and fuel production based on electrolysis and carbon re-cycling either from biogenic processes or industrial waste streams
  • Development of improved electrolyzers based on advanced models of cells, stacks and systems
  • Characterization of electrolyzers (low temperature and high temperature) to understand their performance, operation and degradation under realistic mission profiles
  • Modelling, design and optimization of thermally integrated systems using advanced simulation tools
  • Construction of complete system prototypes to experimentally validate predicted performance and demonstrate new control concepts
  • Continuous development of State-of-the-art experimental facilities to generate validation data and to demonstrate improved performance of key components, processes and systems.