Research Activities by Fluid Power for Renewable Energy Applications

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD Projects

Selected COMPLETED Student Projects

  • Numerical Study of an Ultrasonic Multi-Scattering Approach for Turbidity Measurements (Nikolaj Winther Johansen, MCE, 4th semester, 2017)
  • Model based fault detection in Electro-Hydraulic Systems (Søren Ketelsen, MCE, 4th semester, 2017)
  • Performance Oriented Control of Digital Displacement Wind Turbine Transmission (Rasmus Kinch, Henrik Felthaus Hauge, Nicolai Krøgh Daugbjerg, MCE, 4 semester, 2017)
  • Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a Moving Magnet Actuated Valve for Digital Displacement Machines (Janus Martin Thastum Jørgensen, Esben Lundø Madsen, MCE, 4th semester, 2017)
  • Secondary Control of Discrete Displacement Cylinder (Anders Nielsen, Jens-Kristian Egsgaard Langkjær, Carl Christian Lund Richter, MCE, 4th semester, 2016)
  • Fault Tolerant Control of a Hydraulic Servo-System (Kasper Ahlbeck, Viktor Hristov Donkov, MCE, 4 th semester, 2016)
  • Development of Pilot Stage Actuator for On-Off Valve for WEC (Niels Henrik Pedersen, Søren Christian Jensen, Morten Grønkjær, Jacob Skjødt Thomsen, Marcello D'Alessio, MCE, 6th semester, 2013)
  • Design of a Fast Switching Hydraulic Valve for WECs (Michael Holme Sørensen, Morten Hyldgaard Sørensen, Mikael Højen, MCE, 4th semester, 2012)
  • Modelling and Control of Hoist Equipment for Wind Turbine Blade, Daniel Christensen, Anders Sørensen, Morten Rosengreen, EMSD, 4th semester, 2012)
  • Control of Hydraulic Pitch System (Jesper Liniger og Christian Skallebæk, EMSD, 4th semester 2011)
  • Design of an Efficient High Performance Switching Manifold for Hydraulic Power Take-Off Systems (Mads Brinch Christensen og Nicolai Barrett, EMSD, 4th semester, 2011)
  • Design of High Efficiency Valve for Use in a Digital Displacement Hydraulic Pump (Daniel Rømer og Per Johansen, EMSD, 4th semester, 2011)