Fuel Cell Systems

The fuel cell research programme is multi-disciplinary and involves mechanical engineering, control engineering and electrical engineering. The group conducts research in the areas of fuel cell and electrolyzer, cells, stacks and systems, and control with a strong focus on the combination of experimental and theoretical work. 

The research group is devoted to the education of highly qualified Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhDs in the above mentioned areas. International students with an interest in the research area are invited to join the international master programmes in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. Alternatively, you may also work with fuel cells in the programmes Thermal Energy and Process Engineering and Mechatronic Control Engineering if your main interests lie within these areas. The group also welcomes guest students with an interest in working with any aspect of fuel cells and electrolyzers. 

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Contact Information

Programme Leader

Associate Professor Samuel Simon Araya
Direct phone: +45 2137 1172 
E-mail: ssa@et.aau.dk

vice programme leader

Associate Professor Mads Pagh Nielsen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9259
E-mail: mpn@et.aau.dk 

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