Heating and Cooling

About the programme

Energy is often available in a form/type different from what is required, i.e. surplus electricity available; heat required.

This means that conversion between the different energy forms is important both with respect to efficiency and timing. To increase the overall energy utilization and lower the emission footprint exploitation of low grade sources gets more and more important.

Numerous activities are carried out to align power production and consumption, but since energy systems based on renewable sources are often characterized by having intermittent characteristics this means that efficient and reliable storage of energy is important.

These challenges and options necessitate the development and adaption of technologies within:

  • Extraction of energy from renewable energy sources
  • Systems and components for energy conversion
  • Storage of thermal energy

These are the main focus areas for the research program – Heating and Cooling.

Research Objectives

The following objectives and goals have been defined for the research programme in Heating and Cooling:

  • To contribute to the development of advanced technologies for utilization of waste heat potentials
  • To contribute to the development of advanced emission abatement technologies
  • To promote and to strengthen the national and international collaborations with industry, public utilities, research institutes and academia in the field of heating and cooling
  • To achieve world class and international excellence and to become a leading international research institution within at least one of the core research areas
  • To attract high quality candidates for thesis projects and research scholars at all levels of education and research
  • To educate and train the next generation of energy systems’ researchers
  • To facilitate public and private sectors to be intensive in developing key enabling integrated methodologies and tools for society, which promotes more renewable energy production, environmental sustainability, improves energy efficiency and economic savings.

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Contact Information


Associate Professor Kim Sørensen
Direct phone: +45 2926 8675
E-mail: kso@et.aau.dk


Associate Professor Carsten Bojesen
Direct phone: +45 26294406
E-mail: cbo@et.aau.dk


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Laboratory Facilities

The Thermal lab which is related to the Heating and Cooling research program covers 80 sq.m. indoor floor space. The lab facilities include:

  • Supply of external heating and cooling
  • Electric powered heat pumps in various sizes for testing of heat pumps and/or heat pump components
  • 4 sq.m. climate chamber for the simulation of various conditions for an air source evaporator – air humidity and temperature
  • LabView data acquisition equipment.