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News: Industrial/PhD Course on Optimization Strategies and Energy Management Systems 2019 was succesffuly given by Professor Moises Graells,BarcelonaTECH-UPC Spain, Eleonora Riva, University of Palermo, Italy and Postdoctoral Fellow Emilio Palacios on April 15-17.

News: Industrial/PhD Course on Advanced FPGA-based Controllers for Power Electronic and Drive Applications was succesffuly given by Professor Eric Professor Eric Monmasson, University of Cergy-Pontoise and Assistant Professor Mattia Ricco, University of Bologna on April 10-12.

News: There is a Special Session on Applications of Predictive Control in Microgrids on IEEE Transactions on  Industrial Electronics. Deadline for manuscript submissions: July 31st 2019.

Annoucement: Professor Josep M. Guerrero receives grant of 39 million DKK as part of the 2019 Villum Investigator Programme. Prof. Guerrero is among a small group of elite researchers that has received funding from the Villum Foundation. He will be able to focus on the development of a platform that makes it possible for multiple microgrids to collaborate on smart-grid scenarios. Congratulations! please see all the news here

News: Professor Juan C. Vasquez received the Young Investigator Award 2019 - Electronics MDPI on February 26. Congratulations!.

News: our Microgrid Research programme brochure 2019. Please download it here

News: The Microgrid Research Programme Team 2018 - 2019

Annoucement: There is a Special Session on IoT and Energy Internet . Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 July 2019. For more information, please see the SS website here

News: The Maritime website has been updated. Please see it here: www.maritime.et.aau.dk

News: The Chinese version of our Microgrid website has been updated. Please see it here

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Introduction to the Research Programme in MicroGrids

A Microgrid is an electrical distribution network consisted of distributed generators, local loads, and energy storage systems that can operate in grid-connected or islanded modes. Different technologies are combined together, such us power converters, control, communications, optimization, and so on. This way the energy can be generated and stored near to the consumption points, improving the stability and reducing the losses produced by the large power lines.

A Case Study: DC Microgrids for on-board Power Systems

The Microgrid research programme areas include AC and DC MicroGrids control and management, centralized and distributed control architectures, power quality and protections, multi agent systems, standard-based information and communication technologies, online optimization techniques and energy management systems. All of the foregoing can also be conceived within a problem based learning (PBL) education for Postgraduates, PhD students and industrial partners.

The Microgrid research programme is connected to other multidisciplinary programmes of the Energy Technology and the Electronic Systems departments at Aalborg University. The programme also promotes national and international cooperation with universities, institutions and companies.

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Contact Information

Programme Leader

Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: +45 20378262
E-mail: joz@et.aau.dk

Vice Programme Leader

Professor Juan Carlos Vasquez
Direct phone: +45 20378261
E-mail: juq@et.aau.dk

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PhD/Industrial Microgrid Courses in 2019

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  • Maximum number of Participants per course: 25
    for practical information please contact Corina Busk Gregersen
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Programme Members

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Who we are?

In 2011, the Department of Energy Technology started the Microgrids Research Programme. In the beginning, it was a small, but at the same time, ambitious research team, which has been growing thanks to the hard research work, passion of its members and its visibility within the international Microgrid community. The MGTeam involves a continuously increasing number of PhD students, Postdocs and guest researchers. It consists of international members, which have exceptional backgrounds in the fields of power electronics, distributed generation and/or microgrids. Each team member provides the basis of his/her research work through Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) linked by a self-determination to develop outstanding contributions within Microgrids field. 

The MGTeam is covering various aspects of AC and DC Microgrids, including but not limited to modelling, control and operation, renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, protection, power quality, standard-based ICT, networked control, energy management and optimization as well as multi-agent systems.

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