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News: PhD Candidate Renke Han, attended the American Control Conference 2018, at Milwaukee, USA on June 27-30. His paper entitled Plug-and-Play Voltage/Current Stabilization DC Microgrid Clusters with Grid-Forming/Feeding Converters was presented.

News: Prof. Josep Guerrero attended the 2020 Maritime Denmark as a Speaker on June 19th, 2018. Maritime2020 is a unique international platform dedicated to tackling the biggest challenges the industry is going to face when new IMO regulations come into action. The event gathers top-level executives, industry leaders and government representatives from all areas of Maritime, such as shipowners, shipbuilders, ports and terminals to present their views and expertise on the most pressing issues

News: The Industrial/PhD Microgrid Courses 2018  are now ongoing. Date: June 15 to June 29, 2018.

News: The Microgrid Research Programme hosted deputation of Embassy of China in Denmark from Copenhagen, Denmark on June 11th, led by Science and Technology counsellor Mr. Xizhen Peng together with Secretary, Mr. Yan Li.

News: Microgrids research programme members attended the 18th annual conference of the International Conference on Environmental and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC2018) at Palermo, Italy on June 12-15. Four papers were presented.

News: Dr. Enrique Rodriguez attended the International Power Electronics Conference IPC- ECCE ASIA 2018 at Niigata, Japan on May 20-24. A poster entitled "An Approach for the Emulation of DC Grid Admittances: Implementation on a Buck Converter" was presented.

News:  The Microgrid Research Programme hosted deputation of Systems Engineering Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd. (SERI-CSSC) from Beijing, China, on May 27th led by their chief engineer Mr. Li Kaisheng together with Senior Engineer, Mr. Zhao Xin, Senior Engineer, Mr. Yang Jie, Engineer Mr. Yang Sen and Engineer Mr. Du Huiqing, who visited our MGlab facilities and made a cooperation meeting about Microgrid technologies in Shipboard Applications.

News: Professor Josep Guerrero visited Energies MDPI headquarters. Please find all the details here

News: Prof. Josep Guerrero was invited to participate as a speaker at the IEEE Institute of Power Electronics DC Microgrid Workshop (2018 IEEE电力电子学会直流微电网研讨会) on May 25 at Tsinghua University, China. The theme of this international seminar was “Smart DC Microgrids for Cleaner Future”. 中文版 

News:  Professor Josep Guerrero is invited to participate as a speaker at Maritime2020 event. The event gathers top-level executives, industry leaders and government representatives from all areas of Maritime, such as shipowners, shipbuilders, ports and terminals to present their views and expertise on the most pressing issues. Prof. Guerrero will give a presentation entitled "Microgrid Technologies for Electrical Ships". Please see more information here

Annoucement: There is a Special Session on Microgrids 2018. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 June 2018. For more information, please see the SS website here

Annoucement: There is a Special Session on The Digital Revolution in Future Power Distribution and Microgrids in Energies. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2018. For more information, please see the SS website here

News: The Maritime website has been updated. Please see it here: www.maritime.et.aau.dk

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Introduction to the Research Programme in MicroGrids

A Microgrid is an electrical distribution network consisted of distributed generators, local loads, and energy storage systems that can operate in grid-connected or islanded modes. Different technologies are combined together, such us power converters, control, communications, optimization, and so on. This way the energy can be generated and stored near to the consumption points, improving the stability and reducing the losses produced by the large power lines.

A Case Study: DC Microgrids for on-board Power Systems

The Microgrid research programme areas include AC and DC MicroGrids control and management, centralized and distributed control architectures, power quality and protections, multi agent systems, standard-based information and communication technologies, online optimization techniques and energy management systems. All of the foregoing can also be conceived within a problem based learning (PBL) education for Postgraduates, PhD students and industrial partners.

The Microgrid research programme is connected to other multidisciplinary programmes of the Energy Technology and the Electronic Systems departments at Aalborg University. The programme also promotes national and international cooperation with universities, institutions and companies.

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Ongoing Projects

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Contact Information

Programme Leader

Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: +45 20378262
E-mail: joz@et.aau.dk

Vice Programme Leader

Associate Professor Juan Carlos Vasquez
Direct phone: +45 20378261
E-mail: juq@et.aau.dk

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PhD/Industrial Microgrid Courses in 2018

  • AC Microgrids   
  • Power Quality in Microgrids
  • DC Microgrids
  • Optimization Strategies and Energy Management Systems
  • Maritime Microgrids (NEW 2018)

    Maximum number of Participants per course: 25
    for practical information please contact Corina Busk Gregersen
    Please register here 

Programme Members

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Who we are?

In 2011, the Department of Energy Technology started the Microgrids Research Programme. In the beginning, it was a small, but at the same time, ambitious research team, which has been growing thanks to the hard research work, passion of its members and its visibility within the international Microgrid community. The MGTeam involves a continuously increasing number of PhD students, Postdocs and guest researchers. It consists of international members, which have exceptional backgrounds in the fields of power electronics, distributed generation and/or microgrids. Each team member provides the basis of his/her research work through Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) linked by a self-determination to develop outstanding contributions within Microgrids field. 

The MGTeam is covering various aspects of AC and DC Microgrids, including but not limited to modelling, control and operation, renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, protection, power quality, standard-based ICT, networked control, energy management and optimization as well as multi-agent systems.

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