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News: Microgrids research programme members attended the 18th annual conference of the International Conference on Environmental and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC2018) at Palermo, Italy on June 12-15. Four papers were presented.

The Research Programme in Microgrids will participate of the opening of the new Spearhead Danish Center for Innovation in Aalborg as a kick-off for Data-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems (DiCyPS) project. The purpose of this center is to make extensive use of software and data from the IT management dedicated to complex physical systems in order to create smarter and more user-friendly solutions for Danish society.


Project Description


The work of DiCyPS - Center for Data-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems - focuses on utilizing software and data from the IT management of complex physical systems for the development of smarter and more user-friendly solutions for society and individuals. The research centre  constitutes a unique collaboration between internationally leading research groups, Danish and international companies, researchers and public authorities on the creation of a solid basis for IT structures in the smart society of the future.

The competences of the centre a.o. include experts within embedded software, Big Data and usability, who collaborate with researchers worldwide.


Cyber-physical systems (CPS) refers to the close linkage and coordination between computational and physical resources. CPS are large distributed systems (often embedded systems in a network), where a large number of computing devices operate in a natural environment. CPS cannot work without software for monitoring, analysis and management of the individual subsystems as well as their complex coordination. Huge amounts of data will be generated by the individual subsystems for integration and analysis. Examples include integrated vehicle systems, interacting medical devices, energy management in houses as well as solar cells in the smart grid. This means that CPS are very complex and data-intensive and work in close conjunction with end-users in future smart society.

DiCPS is a Strategic Research Center within the ICT strategic growth technology which will address the IT research challenges of complexity, optimality, Big Data management, and user interaction of future data-intensive cyber-physical systems.

The Research Center will establish a Smart Society Testbed Laboratory and a number of prototype demonstrators. Thereby it will enable the construction of an IT infrastructure for Data Intensive Cyber-physical systems and their interaction with end users. Generality and usability of the results will be demonstrated through a close interdisciplinary cooperation with scientists and companies from the energy and transport domain.

The Centre combines 5 internationally leading research groups (including the 2 most cited Danish computer scientists) and a unique international consortium of companies, researchers and public authorities with a view to create the foundations for IT infrastructures in the future smart society.

The main results of the project

DiCPS will deliver the following results:

  1. Cutting edge foundational research contributions within all five research areas, in the form of novel and extended models, methods, algorithmic techniques, data structures, tools and prototype systems.
  2. Integration and advancement of the key IT research areas of Embedded Systems, Dataintensive Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction and the key domain research areas of Energy and Transport through tight interdisciplinary collaboration.
  3. Establishment of joint Smart Society Test Bed Laboratory for inexpensive and efficient evaluation and optimization of proposed solutions for data-intensive cyber-physical systems.
  4. The foundation for an intelligent IT infrastructure for the future smart society, based on powerful tools for big data mining, complex process optimization, and user interaction integrated with advanced domain solutions.
  5. Unique use cases and validating demonstrators in the key areas of Energy, Transport, and their combination providing a foundation for innovative IT services, products and business cases.

All of the abovementioned results will contribute to the research excellence and to the industrial and societal impact.


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Smarter Demand Side Management Based on Fog and Cloud  - AMJAD ANVARI-MOGHADDAM


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Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: +45 9240 9726


Professor Juan C. Vasquez
Direct phone: +45 9940 9724

Postdoc Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam
Direct phone: +45 9356 2062

Grant and Period

Innovation Fund Denmark

Funding body: Programkomiteen for Strategiske Vækstteknologier
Instrument: Strategiske forskningscentre/Strategic research centres
Case number: 4107-00018A.


The participating Danish partners are:

  • Balsgard Norgard Ltd.
  • Blip Systems
  • Danfoss
  • The Danish Energy Agency
  • Flex Denmark
  • Huge Lawn - Miracle Apps Insero Software
  • LB Insurance
  • Nyfors
  • SCADA International
  • Seluxit Ltd
  • Ramboll
  • Travel Card A / S
  • Aalborg Municipality
  • Region North Jutland

Several international research institutions are also included in the project's basic ICT research:

  • Technical German University-TU Dresden
  • The French National Institute for Information Technology-INRIA
  • The UK's University College London