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  • Professor Josep Guerrero was at ENERGYCON on May 16th as a keynote speaker. The topic involved Microgrid Technologies for Future Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (please see presentation at the bottom of this page).

Project Summary

HEV chargers are expected to play a significant role in the total consumption of developed countries across the world. Besides, there is a global tendency to make power systems independent of fossil fuels by additional increases in the shares of renewable energy resources. Both of these effects tend to push the future power systems more and more towards the boundaries of safe operation. Today’s commercially available HEV chargers are not flexible and present significant disturbance sources for the grid. On the other hand, flexible chargers proposed in academic literature introduce several drawbacks mostly concerned with compromising the comfort level of vehicle owners and rapid degradation of HEV’s batteries. Therefore, preservation of power systems secure operation will require new interventions to increase the flexibility of HEV chargers in a cost-effective way.
Proposed project is focused on theoretical development and experimental verification of a new generation of fast HEV charging stations (CSs). Its principal functionality is to use dedicated ESS within the station to compensate the adverse effects caused by charging, as seen from the grid. Flexible fast CS will be an essential part of the future intelligent power systems as projected by the SG concept.

Diagram of the electric vehicle charging station supplemented with energy storage systems.



Publications derived from the current research

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Josep Guerrero as Keynote Speaker at ENERGYCON2014

Microgrid Technologies for Future Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Expected Results of the Project

  • Creation of a suitable environment for large-scale acceptance of HEV fleets
  • Provision of business cases for CS operators and manufacturers
  • Increase of the overall power system reaction (or response) to disturbances
  • New ancillary services and prototype business instruments for the future flexible power market.


Project Manager

Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: 45 9240 9726
E-mail: joz@et.aau.dk


Dr. Tomislav Dragicevic
PhD Student Sun Bo
Postdoc Qobad Shafiee



The international consortium brings together leading research institutions and industrial companies from native countries of involved partners. Final experimental tests for developed control strategies will be carried after the results from the partners are consolidated into a system oriented integral platform. Verifications will be done in the MicroGrid Laboratories, a world-class experimental facility at Aalborg University.