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Microgrid Technology Research and Demonstration

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  • News: Review and progress meeting with project partner, Dr. Wei Feng from Tsinghua University (TSU) on 17th July 2017.

  • News: Mr. Emilio J. Palacios attended the 2017 IEEE 26th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics. He has presented the paper Smart Metering Systems for Microgrids. See his presentation at the end of this website.

  • Review and progress meeting with project partners, Associate Prof. Kai Sun and Dr. Wei Feng from Tsinghua University on 11th October 2016.

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Project Description

This Sino-Danish project deals with research, development and demonstration of a full-scale microgrid. The work is carrying out by two highly rated Universities, Aalborg University (Denmark) and Tsinghua University (China), in cooperation with Kamstrup A/S, leader of smartmeters and smargrid ready components in Denmark and the company Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Co. Ltd, which is topping a photovoltaics and power electronics market in China.

The objective of this project is to develop a demonstrative, research-oriented platform, which aims to ease the integration of Distributed Generation (DG) units, hierarchical and multilevel control strategies, and multiple Microgrid configurations with the help of standard-based communication technology, resulting in a set of complete microgrid solutions.

The proposed solutions will facilitate planning and operational analyses. Robust stability and power quality by the proper control of the power electronics interfaces and the integration of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart-grid ready communication technologies will be considered as well. The project will serve to service and support innovation processes in companies and research programs within the identified technology areas and clusters based on two levels:

1. System level: Developing, testing and assessment of the microgrids performance, including real-time optimization, control design and monitoring technologies.

2. Component level: Developing, testing and validating the performance of individual technology components in an integrated energy system perspective.

Research Plan and Implementation

The plan of this project is structured into 5 frameworks:

1. Microgrid design
2. Control and Power Quality
3. Communication and SCADA
4. Energy management system
5. Microgrid test and validation

AMI and EMS Implementation in Microgrid Lab

The AMI system in AAU Lab is formed by several smart meters installed in lab setups, a data concentrator, a database system, and a user interface developed in LabVIEW. In addition, an EMS is being developed to perform energy optimization tasks by using the information provided by the AMI. Several parameters are measured by the meters such as active reactive powers, THD, unbalance factor, sags, swells, etc.

AMI and EMS in AAU Microgrid Laboratory

In order to emulate the microgrid site installed in Shanghai (see DEMONSTRATION section below), the following model has been implemented in the laboratory. The power references for the supervisory control are provided by the Energy Management System which is composed of four modules, Optimization, Data Processing, User Interface, and Data Storage.
The optimization model is implemented in the module Optimization by means of an Algebraic Modeling Language (AML) that automatically translates the problem so that the Solver can understand it and solve the problem. The input and output data is structured by the Data Processing model and stored in the Data Storage which is a collection of files accessible by the User Interface and Supervisory Control.

More details can be found here.

Integration of EMS with Microgrid controllers


During this project a 200 kW hybrid PV-wind-battery microgrid site is installed and tested in Shanghai by both Tsinghua University and Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Co. Ltd. in collaboration with Kamstrup A/S. At the same time in Aalborg University research will be done in the microgrid research laboratories during the project period.

                  the Hybrid Photovoltaic/Wind Turbine/Battery Microgrid

The electrical energy generated by the demonstration is consumed locally. The total capacity of demonstration is 206.08kW, which consist of PV system with 136.08kWp, wind turbine system with 20kW and ESS system with 50kW. The DGs are managed by EMS system. The PV penal array of demonstration is installed on the roof of plant B in HT-Shanghai Solar.

The updated satellite picture of PV array on the roof of plant B in HT-Shanghai Solar

                                rooftop building PV installation


                                          2x10kW Wind Turbine System

Publications derived from the latest research



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EUDP Sino-Danish Project-Presentation given Prof. by Josep Guerrero


Smart Metering Systems for Microgrids - Presentation by Dr. Mehdi Savaghebi

Smart Metering Systems for Microgrids - Presentation by Emilio J. Palacios


Project Manager

Professor Josep M. Guerrero
Direct phone: +45 9240 9726
E-mail: joz@et.aau.dk


Assoc. Professor Mehdi Savaghebi
Professor Juan C. Vasquez


Emilio J. Palacios
Enrique Rodriguez Diaz
Adriana C. Luna

The project is granted by EUDP - Energiteknologisk Udvikling og Demonstration and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China