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  • Prof. Josep Guerrero, Dr. Baoze Wei and Mr Jinghang Lu visit Salicru in Barcelona. The purpose is to perform final tests and to define a road-map for the collaboration.

  • Salicru grows in Europe with subsidiaries in England and Germany. see full news here

The company of power electronics Palautordera invest five million euros to increase the energy efficiency of their products.

Eduard Salicru

Salicru consolidates its international presence on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing. The company Santa Maria de Palautordera (Vallès Oriental), specializing in power electronics, will open two new branches in England and Germany with the aim of boosting the activity of the company in the European market. The two new companies not only have a commercial profile but carry out technical customer service functions. The opening of these subsidiaries, scheduled for 2016, will join the international network with which the company already has. At this time, Salicru has seven subsidiaries in China, where it also has a plant productively, France, Hungary, Morocco, Mexico, Portugal and Singapore.

Exports now account for around 40% of company sales. The commitment to strengthen the European market is explained by the will of Salicru to increase its share in the market for consumer electronics. So far, especially in European countries, its main sales occurred in the industrial sector.

The company projects that revenues of 35 million euros in 2014, has initiated a project of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) high efficiency with the aim of expanding its product range and reach 225 kWh of power-their current teams reach kWh-100. Salicru will invest five million euros in this project, which is already developing with engineers from the University of Aalborg (Denmark). The UPS technology, which accounts for 75% of the portfolio of products of the firm, keeps the autonomous operation of electrical appliances in the event of a power failure occur. "Although it seems a priori to have a very diversified portfolio, the UPS can be installed in all types of industries," said Eduard Salicrú, CEO of the company.

Salicru: leadership and innovation in 50 years of power

see full news in PDF (spanish version) http://www.cofme.com/images/stories/noticiapdf/noticia%20web%20pr199.pdf

Salicru, first company in Spain in power electronics, celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding with the slogan "50 years of energy".

Manufacturing, engineering and marketing of power electronics define the core business of this leading company. Its areas of operation are industrial and domestic, electrical, computer market, public lighting, telecommunications, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

With a turnover of 40 million euros in 2014 and 12% growth, Salicru serves the international market from its two manufacturing centers Sta. Maria de Palautordera (Europe, America) and Beijing (Asia and Africa), adding value lighting projects such as the Great Wall of China or energy coverage AVE lines in Spain, with 60% of revenue from the domestic market and 40% of countries like Britain, France and the US but also with significant presence in Asia and LATAM.

With 74% of sales from their UPS Salicru addressed in the next 3 years updating this range of products, investing 5 million euros in the process, to be held in his Catalan headquarters for Sw, at the University of Aalborg (Denmark) to the control electronics and at its headquarters in Beijing for the mechanical part. Do not forget that Salicru invests about 5% of its turnover in R & D, a percentage much higher than the Spanish average, which is 1.28%.

The company expects to grow around 15% this year, mainly in Europe, to stand in the domestic market as it has already done in Spain. It also plans to launch a new team in the field of Data Processing Centers and Cloud, maintaining its leadership in next - generation applications, undoubtedly the best way to celebrate 50 years of power.

The COFME Group consists of eight Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment, APOLLO, DAISALUX, EGI, FERMAX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA and SOFAMEL.

no power outages


Salicru, engaged in the business of power electronics and the development of equipment that protect incidents in electricity supply, will invest five million euros to renew its range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), more commercialized its product, which stabilizes and guarantees the supply voltage to cuts in places like shops, hospitals and highways.

The forecast is to complete the process in a maximum of three years in the Catalan facilities in Santa Maria de Palautordera, the software will be developed, the University of Aalborg (Denmark) will do the electronic control and a Chinese company of the mechanical part. "It's a comprehensive renewal that will help consolidate the business," says Eduard Salicrú, CEO.

Founded in 1965, the company closed last year with a turnover of around 40 million euros, having grown by 12%, and by 2015 hopes to improve the business by 15%, with the European market as the main engine. 60% of revenues are given in the domestic market, with clients such as Red Electrica or network AVE, and abroad stand sales in the UK, France and the United States, but also has a strong presence in Latin America and Asia.

"From the beginning we develop and manufacture our product and we still do, if you know what you do better work in the implementation phase," explains Salicrú. At present, it has two factories, one in Palautordera and another in Beijing (China), and invests about 5% of revenue in research. In Spain employs 180 workers in total and the figure rises to more than 200 if its seven subsidiaries include, in countries such as Morocco, Mexico, Hungary and Singapore.

In the coming years, the company wants to expand its dominance in the commercial and industrial to "stand in the domestic market in Europe, which has already been achieved in Spain" field, Salicrú explains. "We want to strengthen the global business, expansion and have done," he says.

The company located in Santa Maria Palautordera bill 40 million euros, up 12%

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