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Modern Power Transmission Systems

Most transmission systems are designed and constructed decades ago. Their initial design allowed transmission of electric power mainly generated at few, large centralised power plants into meshed sub-transmission network supplying consumers. Overhead lines were exclusively used, except in dense urban areas, and international connections were limited. Nowadays the challenge is to include large and ever increasing amounts of decentralised generated power into the existing transmission network and at the same time comply with the electricity market transmission demands. Furthermore, public opinion reacts against the erection of new overhead lines. This has been reflected by the Danish Cable Act, which will underground almost the entire Danish transmission system (420 and 170 kV) within the next 20 years, a plan that already commenced in many locations. Special attention seen in a forward perspective is directed towards large offshore wind generation plants, e.g. Horns Reef and Anholt, and future offshore transmission networks in the North Sea, which are seen as a gigantic vision – a vision which could be based upon the latest HVDC-VSC technology. Another topic of concern is the operation of a system with a large penetration of renewable energies, which may affect the stability of the transmission system.

Ongoing Projects 

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Completed Projects

  • DANPAC - HVAC transmission cable networks (2010-2015)
    Development of a Secure, Economic and Environmentally-friendly Modern Power System (2010-2015): VBN or project home page

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Research Programme Meeting 15/2 2017

At the meeting a number of members of the programme gave presentations regarding their research work which are to be found in this website.

The presentations and the following questions showed that the research programme encompasses a very wide range of modern power system topics – we may say that we work in a multi-disciplinary way. In this specific meeting the focused topics were:

  • Power electronics, both device design and modeling
  • HVDC and HVAC topologies and their applications
  • Non-linear modeling of systems and components as well as controls
  • High Voltage related topics including field stress, insulation coordination and electrical HV tests
  • Harmonics, harmonic sources and their interaction as well as the influence of the grid
  • Protection systems and philosophies
Presentations from the meeting

Contact Information

Programme Leader

Professor Claus Leth Bak
Direct phone: +45 9940 9281
E-mail: clb@et.aau.dk

Vice Programme Leader

Associate Professor Filipe Faria da Silva
Direct phone: +45 9940 9280
E-mail: ffs@et.aau.dk

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Laboratory Facilities

The research programme has the following laboratory facilities at its disposal: