Research Activities by Modern Power Transmission Systems

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Ongoing PhD Projects

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD Project

Selected Completed Student Projects

  • Power system stability analysis of cable based HVAC transmission grids with reactive power compensation (Foo Yi Wern, Laurids Dall, 2016)
  • Analysis of Harmonic Distortion in a Modern Transmission Grid (Chris Hansen, Kristian Lund, 2016) IDA E-prize for best master thesis
  • Steady state FEM modelling of three phase armoured power cable (Nicola Viafora, Matteo Baù, Chris S. Hansen, Laurids M. B. Dall, Nicolae Badulescu, 2015)
  • Distance Protection Impedance Measurement for Inhomogeneous Multiple-Circuit 400/150kV Transmission Lines with shared Towers (Ragnar Sigurbjörnsson, 2015)
  • Electric field optimization to reduce corona in AAU/ET’s 200kV High Voltage laboratory setup (Bjarni Helgi, 2013)
  • Condition monitoring of crossbonded transmission cable systems (Morten Hansen and Kasper Pedersen, 2012)
  • Insulation coordination study of a new 400kV Gad insulated substation (Daniel Leó Ólason and Thomas Ebdrup, 2012)
  • Development, validation and application of a vacuum circuit breaker model for time domain analysis in large offshore windfarms (Jakob Glasdam, 2011)
  • Probabilistic aspects of harmonic emission of large wind farms (Christian Flytkjær Jensen, 2010)
  • Performance of a combined LCC and VSC bipole HVDC link (Alemayo Tadese, 2010)
  • Protection philosophies for HVAC transmission network (Michal Sztykiel, 2009)
  • Extended analysis and optimisation of the reactive power flow in the west Danish transmission system (Vidir Mar Atlason and Jakob Kessel, 2008)