Mission and Focus Areas of Modern Power Transmission Systems


The mission of the Modern Power Transmission Systems research programme is to conduct research at the highest level, in order to allow a technically sound and long-term reliable transition of today’s power transmission system into a modern transmission system capable of handling the demands of the future transmission system (e.g., disperse generation, long HVAC cables, multiterminal HVDC links). This is a huge and expensive task of a very high importance for modern society.

Focus Areas

The research programme includes all topics related to transmission systems, but focus is put upon topics highly related to the development and challenges of the Danish transmission system. More specifically, HVAC transmission cable technology in all its aspects, HVDC multiterminal transmission networks, offshore–to–onshore network connection, modern relay protection, load shedding when having a high penetration of renewable energies, network restoration and high voltage issues.

Research Objectives

The following objectives and goals have been defined for the research programme in modern power transmission systems:

  • To be able to model and simulate dynamic behaviour of transmission systems, especially when such are fully HVAC cable undergrounded, both land and submarine cables, or hybrid solutions
  • To be able to locate faulted conditions in HVAC cable transmission networks with a high accuracy
  • To be able to perform accurate measurements in transmission systems in order to validate the development of simulation models with an ever increasing durability and accuracy
  • To contribute to the future development of large offshore transmission networks for offshore wind farms and offshore industries – probably based on HVDC-VSC
  • To understand the interaction of power electronic devices with the transmission network for supporting both steady state and transient performance
  • To be able to understand and predict the interaction of large wind-farms with the transmission network regarding harmonic emission
  • To be able to understand and model transmission networks with high penetration of renewable energies for stability studies
  • To promote and to strengthen the cooperation with industry, TSO’s, and academia worldwide in the field of modern power transmission systems
  • To achieve world class and international excellence
  • To attract the best master students and PhD students creating and publishing excellent work within the area of electric power transmission

Collaboration Partners

  • Energinet.dk
  • Dong Energy
  • Siemens
  • N1
  • Vattenfall
  • ENV
  • AKE Net
  • BYSTRUP Architecture Design & Engineering
  • HEF

Vacancies within Modern Power Transmission Systems

If any, please find the vacancies here: Vacancies at Aalborg University