PVPS Course Description

Industrial/PhD Course in Photovoltaic Power Systems - in theory and practice (13. - 16. October 2020)


The objective of this course is to give an understanding of the operation, design and control of Photovoltaic Power Systems, and to provide insight into some of the key challenges for higher penetration of photovoltaic energy into the electricity network.
The target audience is PhD students and practicing engineers but also researchers who aim to receive a comprehensive overview of modern photovoltaic systems.
The course is structured in four days, covering topics from PV panels through power electronics and their control to PV plant design and grid integration challenges. The mornings are dedicated to lectures, while the afternoons are spent with exercises.
No less than 40% of the course time is spent in the state-of-the-art Photovoltaic Systems laboratory at the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. The participants will make design, simulations and experimental tests, using the following advanced setups:

  • Grid-connected PV inverter systems, with real-time control using dSpace® platform. The participants will be able to design, experimentally test, and tune parameters of grid controllers, PLL, voltage support, using the real-time graphical user interface Control Desk®
  • Real-time simulation platform on dSpace® system, to design and analyse PLL MPPT
  • High performance Spi-Sun 5600 SLP Solar simulator from Spire. Demonstration of PV panel measurements and characterisations will be provided
  • Detailed Simulink®, PLECS® and Matlab® GUI models for designing and analysing PV inverter topologies, grid synchronisation and PV array modelling
  • PVSyst Software platform for designing PV plants.

Selected simulation models will be included in the course material for the participants.


DAY 1, 08.30-16.30

08:30-10:00: Registration & Welcome; PV systems overview and trends
10:30-12:00: Technology and operation of PV panels Modelling and characteristics of PV panels
13:00-14:30: Performance, reliability and yield optimisation of PV systems
15:00-16:30: Laboratory exercises:

  • PV Panel Modelling - SIM
  • PV Panels Characterization & Diagnostics - EXP

DAY 2, 08.30-16.30

08:30-10:00: PV Inverter Structures, Topologies and Filter Design
10:30-12:00: Grid Synchronization; Inverter Control & Harmonic Compensation
13:00-16:30: Laboratory exercises:

  • Converter Topologies - SIM
  • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) – Real-time SIM
  • Current Control Design
  • Evaluation of current control strategies - EXP

DAY 3, 08.30-16.30

08:30-10:00: LV Grid Connection & Support Requirements; Voltage Support in LV distribution networks
10:30-12:00: Maximum Power Point Tracking
13:00-16:30: Laboratory exercises:

  • Voltage support in LV distribution network - EXP
  • MPPT – Real-time SIM

DAY 4, 08.30-16.00

08:30-10:00: Design of PV plants
10:30-12:00: Grid codes and grid support by large PV plants
13:00-13:45: Battery energy storage systems for PV applications -  Industry guest lecture by Lithium Balance A/S
14:00-16:00: Laboratory exercises:

  • Design of PV plants - SIM
  • Lab tour

16:00 – 16:30: Closing session and farewell



A degree in electrical engineering or control engineering and Matlab/Simulink knowledge is strongly recommended. The course language is English.


Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology
Pontoppidanstræde 101, room 19,  DK-9220 Aalborg East, Denmark


The fee is 13.000 DKK for industry and 9.000 DKK for academia people and PhD students outside Denmark.
All registration fees include coffee, lunch for all days, and copy of slides. The fee for external people (outside AAU) also includes the book: ‘’Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems”, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-0-470-05751-3.


4.0 ECTS


For hotel, transport information and booking please check: http://www.et.aau.dk/phd/phd-courses



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For further information regarding the PVPS course please contact Associate Professor Tamas Kerekes:
Phone +45 9940 3308
E-mail: tak@et.aau.dk