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Research Activities by Photovoltaic Systems

Ongoing Research Projects


Ongoing PhD Projects

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD projects 

Selected completed student projects  

  • Portable Solar Charger - EE5, 2018
  • Modeling Solar Production Variability in Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Plants - INTRO, 2018
  • DC-DC Converter for PV Module Integration - EE5 and INTRO, 2018
  • Smart integration of renewable energy sources in the Danish energy sector - PED9, 2018
  • Battery Lifetime Analysis for residential Photovoltaic Systems with integrated Energy Storage - PED9, 2018
  • Modular multilevel converter, ED5, 2018
  • Modular multilevel converter for PV appliations, ED6 BSc thesis, 2018
  • Parameter identification of a PV system, MSc thesis, 2018
  • Simulation of an off grid Shading Device - EN4, 2018
  • Optimering af Solcelle Batteri Oplader ved MPPT - EN2, 2018 (2 groups)
  • Intelligent markise drevet af solpanel og batteri - EN2, 2018 (2 groups)
  • Intelligent PV and Battery Powered Shading System - EN2, 2018
  • Design of an impedance source converter for high-performance PV power system applications - EE6, 2018
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Systems for Modular PV Power Systems - OES9, 2016
  • Voltage Control of Hybrid Photovoltaic/ Battery Power System for Low Voltage DC Microgrid - OES10, 2016
  • Technical and commercial assessment of solar Sun tracker systems for residential applications -  BSc2, 2016
  • Performance Modelling and Monitoring of Thin-film Photovoltaic Systems – MSC 10, 2016
  • DCDC converter for PV-battery application. EE5-512, 2015
  • Analytisk sammenligning af solpaneler i det danske vejr -  BSc1, 2015
  • Design of PV inverters, MSC-INTRO, 2014
  • Design af solcelleanlæg på Livø, BSC 2, 2014
  • Integrated Photovoltaic Thermoelectric System, MSC-INTRO, 2013
  • Impact of Large Penetration of PV and Wind Power Into LV Distribution Network - WPS8, 2013
  • Challenges of PV Integration in the MV Electricity Grid - EPSH10, 2012
  • Photovoltaic Inverter Advanced Control and Diagnostic - PED 7, 2012
  • Characterization and Diagnostics of Photovoltaic Modules - INTRO, 2012
  • Design and Construction of a Solar Cell I-V Curve Tracer - INTRO, 2012
  • Solar Plant Integration and Analysis of Effects in the MV Electricity Grid - EPSH8, 2011
  • Efficiency Improvement for Photovoltaic Inverters - INTRO, 2010
  • MaximumPV Capacity of Public LV Networks and the Ways to Increase PV Penetration - EE5, 2010
  • PV Panels Characterization and Diagnostics - INTRO, 2009
  • High flexibility I-V Curve Tracer for Photovoltaic Modules - PED9, 2009
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic System – PED9, 2008

Laboratory Facilities

The research programme has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Aalborg and Esbjerg:

ACCESS to Weather data MEASUREMENTS for AAU staff and students

5-minute average in-plane solar irradiance, wind speed, ambient and solar module temperature is available (only from AAU network) through a Matlab GUI programme. The logging has started in June 2011 and is continuously running.

In order to access the data, please see the instructions on the bottom of the the page here.