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Wind Power Systems

Wind power technology has undergone a revolution, and the global wind energy sector is developing rapidly. The phenomenal growth of the wind industry may be attributed to supporting government policies associated with environmental concerns and research and development of innovative cost-reducing technologies.

The wind energy industry is a giant contributor to Danish economy. Currently, Denmark produces about 20% of its electricity from wind sources, and the aim is for a 50% wind share of electricity production by 2025.

Wind turbines may be installed in a small scale like in stand-alone, typically in kW-range, and in wind farms creating wind power stations with hundreds of MW. Standards for interconnection at the distribution and transmission levels are being developed, and they present new challenges for interface and control of wind power systems.

The research programme in wind power systems combines the expertise in power systems, electrical machines and power electronic systems, operating extensively in collaboration with industry and other national and international organisations to attend the important technical issues related to the industry.

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Professor Zhe Chen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9255
E-mail: zch@et.aau.dk

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