Research Activities by Wind Power Systems

Completed Research Projects

Completed PhD Projects

Selected COMPLETED Student Projects

  • Coordination Control of a Novel Topology of Wind Farm Combined with Hydrogen Storage System and Combustion Turbine (Shihua Xuan, WPS 2016) 
  • Wind Power Plant Control Optimisation with Embedded Application of Wind Turbines and STATCOMs (Lennart Petersen, Fitim Kryezi, WPS 2015)
  • Increase of SPV Penetration in LV Grids by Smart Charging of EVs (Riccardo Carollo, WPS 2015) 
  • Bidirectional Flyback Converter for Dielectric Electro Active Polymer: Harvesting Energy via a Novel Dielectric Electro Active Polymer Generator (Tahir Lagap, WPS 2014)
  • Flexible Load Management in Smart-Grids (Eloy Rodriguez Moldes, WPS 2013)
  • Distributed Modulation and Control of Modular Multilevel Converter for HVDC Application (Shaojun Huang, WPS 2013)
  • Fault Tolerant Distributed Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC Applications (Emanuel-Petre Eni, WPS 2013)
  • Control of 5MW Multilevel Converter for Direct Drive Wind Turbine Application (Florin-Valentin-Traian Nica, Paul Dan Burlacu and Stoyan Ivelinov Shivachev, PED 2013)
  • Portable Cancer Treatment using Induction Heating (Angel Ruiz de Vega and Andres Suarez Gonzalez, WPS 2012)
  • Grid integration of Offshore Wind Farms and Offshore Oil/Gas Platforms (Gang Shi, WPS 2011)
  • Modelling and Control of Back-to-Back Power Electronic Converters for Wind Power Generation Systems (Daniel Diaz Gonzales (WPS), Javier Fernández Martinez (PED), Tatiana Pérez Soriano (PED) and Rafal Krakowski (WPS), 2010)
  • Individual pitch control for wind turbine blade fatigue load mitigation (Yunqian Zhang, WPS 2010)