Development of a Secure, Economic and Environmentally-friendly Modern Power System

Project Description

New challenges to the power system have been induced by the rapid increased penetration of renewable energy sources and the changes of electricity generation style, such as wind farms, and distributed generation (DG) units including combined heat and power (CHP) units. The power system is becoming a more complex and mixed pattern, consisting of renewable and energy conversion/storage units as well as conventional units. It is necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the impacts and to appropriately handle the challenges in order to provide reliable and secured power supply with an increased renewable energy share. The development of new concepts and technologies becomes an urgent demand for creating a secure and economic power grid which is an important part of the environmental friendly sustainable energy system.

The proposal focuses on the necessaries of a future power system, such as the foreseeable Danish power system in 10-20 years, with a strategic vision, by systematically developing and integrating new concepts and intelligent approaches to establish a secure, economic, and environmentally-friendly modern power system which includes renewable energy, energy conversion/storage units, and conventional units, and actively interacts with other sectors of the overall energy system, such as heating and transportation.

Six interconnected Working Tasks are proposed to deal with system structural security; electricity market and economics, stable operation and control, prevention of cascade failure and blackout, intelligent utilization of various distributed generation units, load response and an interactive energy system consisting of the electrical power, heating and transportation systems with energy conversion/storage units, such as electric boilers, heat pumps, plug-in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, to realize cost effective interdisciplinary applications.

Selected Publications

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